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why is water essential to life on earth ?

Not many of us know that Water is  essential to life on earth and the main element that helps us in survival! Regulating our body’s temperature and Maintaining our body functions are the mains reasons why every human needs water for living. 


Keeping your body hydrated is essential since it helps in cleansing the body in and out. To send molecules of energy to every muscle and tissue in the body is a function of water as it helps them to work better. 


During physical exercise, the blood vessels nearest to the skin expand, as a result, heat gets released. This mechanism increases the blood flow and dissipates heat into the air. Dehydration causes more heat than normal metabolism.

How much water should one consume? 


Every Human should consume a minimum of 8 glasses per day which is approximately 2 liters. A person’s age, gender, surroundings, and activity level are a few of the factors that determine the amount of water he should consume. It is advised to consume 30ml per kg of his weight for a person with a normally functioning heart and kidneys, 


Patients with Kidney, liver, and heart disorders should have a consultation with their doctors regarding the amount of water and salt intake, as they might result in serious health issues if unnoticed.


Which water should one consume?

Our Ancestors did not have any purifiers or RO Systems to purify drinking water. All they used to do is, to save the rainwater, boil them and consume them for living. 

The simplest way of consuming purified water is to boil, filter and distill it. Adding Chlorine can be optional depending upon the quality of water. 


What will happen if there is very little consumption of water?


As an important factor for the proper functioning of the human body, Water intake plays a key role. Lesser intake will result in the occurrence of many diseases. The human mouth will get dry when the body holds lesser water. It also can cause cardiovascular problems. 


It is evident that blood circulation keeps the heart function at a normal pace. Dehydration results in draining water from the body which will strain the heart to function at a normal pace. Straining heart leads to the pavement of cardiovascular problems. 


So Water essential to life on earth us all drink ample water and try living a hydrated life!


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Posted by Akshaya Venkatesan

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