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Diet or Nutritive Health Maintenance


                       When things were simple, the ultimate motive of human life was just survival, physical work was immense, and the topic of Diet or Nutritive Health Maintenance was never into existence. As mankind evolved, the standard of living was in a need to be raised for which technology and science hand-in-hand grew immensely over the years. 

Evolution of technology:

                         The technology was initially was developed to improvise human lives, and now it is still growing to make people’s lives more comfortable and the result is that Man’s life has been totally Machine dependent. Nowadays physical work is seen as an extra-curricular activity in daily routine such that people would achieve Work-Life Balance. Many a time there is an Awful need for a Full-Fledged Extreme workout, to just feel the Appetite of food.

Change of lifestyle:

                        The changed lifestyle of people who are Urbanized has made them think of the need for ‘FOOD-WITH A PURPOSE’.When technology has drifted to another level of shrinking the whole world by making connectivity easy, the need for people to travel or explore is comparatively decreased as everything would come into our hands as just gestures. The motive of raising technology standards was to enhance man’s life which inturns made his/her life more comfortable driving them to be Lazy. “EAT-MORE, WORK-MORE” has now evolved to be “EAT-ONLY WHEN YOU ARE REALLY HUNGRY”. Eating just because you are hungry is naturally a sign that you are in need of something which is ideally Nutritious as an Energy boost. But the fact that people mostly confuse their both positive and negative emotions with Craving and Hunger signals, might lead to Overeating.    

Eat food with a purpose:

                     The basic understanding of the Hunger Scale is essential for realizing the need for FOOD-WITH A PURPOSE. Starving or Grouch feel could make us feel uncomfortably hungry which leads to the ‘TOO FULL’ stage, which is excess consumption than required. Following simple changes in the usual routine can make big differences in the lifestyle of people, By which Hunger and Crave for food increases, thus results in a heart-filled meal. When people give more attention to personal nourishment, it is never advisable to have a meal at regular time intervals, without the exact need of that nourishment.

And moreover, it wouldn’t be appropriate to expect one to have a meal at regular intervals in this competitive environment. The desire to eat starts with a twinge, is this HUNGER or just a boredom sign or an emotion, should be clearly figured. We eat generally to satisfy our craving or appetite, calm down our emotions, celebrate victories, meet cultural expectations because it makes us ‘FEEL GOOD’. Hunger is a tool that can make us ‘FEEL FULFILLED AND GOOD’ and here stands the importance of hunger signals in our body. The fulfilled crave for food is the motive of human’s run for money and materialistic life.

                     Hunger has its own benefits for which it is taken as a guide tool in weight-loss needs. It has the ability to grow the crave for the particular intake and make food so appealing in nature. Such an appealing food would give us peace of mind and body along with a ‘FULFILLED MEAL ENJOYMENT’.Eating only when you are hungry is a safe weight loss practice as the intake for the body never gets exceeded the limits which are actually required. Thus eating only when the hunger bells strike is always a better option than a regular meal option.

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Posted by Akshaya Venkatesan

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