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Auvriplus Detox Weight Loss Powder – 25 grams

(6 customer reviews)



Human Life’s Elixir for Happiness

A herbal supplement is an elixir to a happy life. Auvri+’s 100% pure supplement can be a blessing the bad fluids and gives you a clean stomach, liver, kidney, heart, spleen and balances Kapha, Pitha and Vatha thereby Cleaning the digestive and Respiratory system to lead a happy life Free from Obesity. 

Herbal Supplements are the safest boons available in the market today since they do not have side-effects like English medicines. 

Our products are made with your weight loss and health in minds!

of Auvri+ Detox Weight Loss Powder

AUVRI+ – A 100% blend of natural herbs, which regulates breathing and makes your respiratory system healthy. 

AUVRI+ – A balanced combination of three “humors” – kapha, pitha, and vatha. It is an incredible natural supplement that boosts liver health and helps in the fast detoxification of the body. 

AUVRI+ – Relieves constipation, cleans the spleen, and helps in the complete digestion. 

AUVRI+ – Relieves pain and the inflammation of joints makes your body more flexible and boosts the muscle-skeleton system. 

AUVRI+ – Helps to get rid of urinary tract infections and helps the kidney to function. 

AUVRI+ – flushes out the bad fluids from the body and gives a healthy and glowing life and skin and promotes hair growth. 


Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Gas / Acidity
Stomach pains / Cramps
How to use
Auvri+ Detoxin Powder
Take 1 or 1.5 spoon of Auvri+ Detoxin Powder
Mix with warm water
Drink 30 minutes after dinner
Drink plenty of lukewarm water
Drink plenty of lukewarm water
Do regular exercise and yoga
Do regular exercise and yoga
Avoid junk food and eat green
Avoid junk food and eat green
The secret herbs
Promotes weight loss, helps digestion and reduces food-borne infections etc.
Helps stomach, liver, kidney, heart, lungs and spleen etc.
Terminalia helps to balance the three “humors”: kapha, pitta, and vata
Being an antioxidant, it also prevents constipation, gives glow to skin etc.
Helps Digestion, prevents constipation, removes bad fluid from the body.

6 reviews for Auvriplus Detox Weight Loss Powder – 25 grams


    no side effect . natural product. i feel good and energetic

  2. Abdulla

    Im using this Auvriplus Detox for last 5 weeks.. .my belly fat reduced a bit.. I lost only 2.75 kgs…..but my friends are saying I look better now…Actually it flushes out bad toxins and belly fat deposits..
    I can see the change that my dark circle in my face is getting smaller. Tighten the skin a bit and some how energetic feeling give a plus glowing effect.. again a grt detox.

  3. Srini Anand

    Our whole family including my grand mother, mother, wife and myself are using auvriplus for last 7 months…We all are big fan of auvriplus detox….An amazing herbal detox available in market…We end our day with 2 tea spoon auvriplus detox mixed in hot water..Our next day will be totally fresh and light…I don’t think any product can match this for weight loss, constipation issues, indigestion problem, heartburn issues etc…It balances the kapa, pitta and vata..Also removes all bad toxins, body wastes, gases, debris from the body….It is one stop solution for complete health care…

  4. Viji

    Natural weight loss product.
    MY body feels light and energetic an have lost 5 kgs in one month

  5. Prem

    I am using this product for the past 2 is very nice product. i feel very energetic

  6. D K SINGH

    Really I’m feeling very good, I’m very light and healthy now.. It cleans all belly waste deposit and flush out body toxins and wastes … It also cleans colon, stomach, intestines.. The best part is Auvriplus detox is made of herbal leaves and no side effects..

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