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Importance of Home Science

The importance of Home Science is looked upon, as the study of managing household activities for a long time. It was looked down as a subject for girls, who do not have high career aspirations. But it is not the case. Home science is actually important for developing strong relationships between the individuals in a home and to know the techniques of an efficient home living. Home science has evolved over the years and now it includes a study of different subjects like nutrition, sociology, community living, psychology, and home economics. 

It is a mixture of art and science. Studying home science provides students with excellent career opportunities and also enables them to manage their homes efficiently. Let us discuss the benefits of studying home science.

  • A degree in home science molds you into a responsible citizen, who can handle his home and community responsibly. Since it deals with various aspects such as psychology and community living, you can take good care of your family, friends, neighbors and other people around you.
  • Home science enables you with skills to lead a well-balanced life. You learn various skills to manage home, childcare, personal finances, food, clothing, beautification, tradition, etc. in home science. 
  • Food and nutrition is an important subject in home science. You will learn important details about the art of preparing a balanced meal using fresh and natural ingredients
  • With the ever-growing pollution in the air and adulteration in food, taking care of personal health with healthy foods and detoxing your body is important. There are several instant health boosters and detox supplements available in the market for now.   
  • Studying home science will change your basic outlook about home and society. You become an educated and empowered citizen, who can efficiently take care of your home and society at large. 
  • Introducing home science as a compulsory subject at school level will aid to close the gender gap as both boys and girls can learn the nuances of running a home as well as taking care of the community at large. 

Once you complete your graduation in home science, you can pursue a specialization in fields such as food and nutrition, human resource management, science and textiles, human psychology and communication education. 

Home science can be learned as a subject at the high school level. You can also pursue graduation and post-graduation in home science. Various universities also offer diploma courses in home science. After completing the specialization, the career choice for home science students is plenty. Some of them are

  • If you specialize in food and nutrition, you can work as a nutritionist, dietician or food scientist. You can pursue research further and develop products such as detox supplements, health products with natural ingredients and so on. 
  • The hotel industry offers lucrative career choices for home science graduates specializing in housekeeping and food catering. 
  • Since you study food and nutrition, chemistry, biology, and other subjects, you can work with huge food brands. You can work with MNCs and Indian companies, dealing with herbal health powders, packaged food products, detox supplements, etc.
  • If you specialize in human psychology and communication education, you can work as a family counselor, social worker or a teacher. 

Home science is an interesting subject with multiple career choices. The importance of Home Science is that it not only equips you for a bright career but also molds you into a responsible citizen. 

Home science education is life education!

Posted by Akshaya Venkatesan

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