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Importance of Body Temperature

Importance of Body Temperature

Importance of Body Temperature and Benefits of Cooling Your Body Humans are warm-blooded and our body cells produce heat. Organs such as the heart, liver, and brain are responsible for most of the heat created in our body. But the human body has a temperature regulation mechanism that maintains the right temperature from time to time.

The Hypothalamus and the Autonomous Nervous system are responsible to maintain body temperature. These systems work with skin, muscles, blood vessels and sweat glands to control the body temperature. Sweating and shivering are examples of this temperature control mechanism. Many people do not know the Importance of Body Temperature and Benefits of Cooling Your Body. One should read to know about them. 

Why is it important?

Our body temperature generally shoots up when the body is fighting an infection. The temperature returns to normal through medication to treat the infection and external cooling such as sponging. We can also notice a high body temperature after an intense workout session or physical activity. Hot and humid weather conditions can also cause high body temperature. 

It is important to maintain a balanced body temperature to ensure that the organs responsible for maintaining the temperature are not overexerted. The body should work hard to cool down the body if you constantly have a high temperature. Unusually high temperatures may also be a sign of some underlying illness.

Benefits of Cooling Your Body: 

  • Boosts Sleep Quality

A good night’s sleep is essential to allow the body to rest and recoup for the next day. Our body temperature drops during sleep. But research has shown that people suffering from Insomnia and other sleep problems are unable to regulate their body temperature. Hence it is important to cool your body using natural ingredients to protect it from sleep-related diseases. 

  • Improves Appetite

Cooling the body temperature helps to improve appetite. Excessive body heat may be one of the reasons for loss of appetite. Studies have shown that appetite increases in cooler environments. If you are struggling with eating disorders and loss of appetite, take some measures to cool down your body temperature. When your body temperature comes down, your appetite will automatically become normal.

  • Protects from Heat Stress

Consuming cooling foods and taking measures to cool the body internally helps to protect the body from heat stress. Heat stress can cause dehydration and heatstroke, which can lead to fatal conditions if not treated in time. 

Tips to Cool Down Your Body;

  1. The clothes we wear affect our body temperature. Wear loose-fitting, cotton clothes to cool down your body in hot and humid conditions.
  2. Water cools down the body. Consume a high amount of cool water or water at room temperature to cool the body internally. You also have a cold water bath or dip your feet in cold water for external cooling.
  3. Coconut water contains vitamins and minerals that cool down the body. Drink coconut water regularly.
  4. Consume water-rich fruits such as watermelons, oranges, cucumbers etc.cools the body and provides it with a host of nutrients.

Excessive body heat can lead to fatal circumstances. It is essential to cool down the body temperature in order to maintain good health. Know the Importance of Body Temperature and Benefits of Cooling Your Body and live a healthy life. 

Posted by Akshaya Venkatesan

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