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Benefits of Exercising Regularly

An Hour of Exercise – Energy For a Day: Benefits of Exercising Regularly

Some loathe it, some love it but exercise is an essential part of everyday routine. Most of us sweat it out in the gym or flock to the jogging parks to lose weight, and get a fabulous and fit body. But there is more good news. Researchers have found that regular exercise, no matter whether it is walking, jogging, or exercise at the gym, can provide many other health benefits. 

An hour of exercise a day provides energy for the entire day and keeps you away from cardiovascular diseases, helps to keep diabetes in check, and improves your mood. 

Some Benefits of Exercising Regularly


  • Stress Reduction


Exercise helps to reduce stress and enables the body to deal with mental tensions. Exercising regularly increases the concentration of a chemical called Norepinephrine, which influences the brain’s reaction to stress and facilitates better stress management. 


  • Increases The Production of Happy Chemicals


Exercise improves the production of endorphins, also known as happy hormones. They create feelings of happiness and euphoria. Exercise works as a great antidepressant and mood reliever. If you are feeling low, just go out and exercise a bit, to lift your mood.


  • Improves Self-confidence


Physical fitness improves self-worth and develops self-confidence. When you exercise regularly, you have a positive body image, which plays a crucial role in improving your confidence. 


  • Prevents Cognitive Decline


The brain function starts to reduce as we age. A healthy diet and regular exercise boosts brain function and prevent cognitive decline. Exercising during the age of 25 – 45 improves the production of chemicals in the brain that improves executive functions such as learning, memory, reasoning, etc. 


  • Boosts Immunity


Regular exercise activates the immune system in the body and keeps you away from common diseases such as cold and flu. Apart from common illness, it also protects you from life-threatening conditions such as heart diseases, diabetes, and some types of cancer. Moreover, exercise removes the unwanted toxins from the body and helps in detox. There are many organic detox supplements now available on the market to help in making the process easier.


  • Improves Sleep Quality


Proper sleep is essential for the body to rejuvenate after a long day. Exercise helps you to get better sleep, without depending on any medication. 


  • Decreases Symptoms of PMS


PMS is a problem for most women. They feel irritable and bloated before and during their periods. Exercising regularly helps to alleviate these symptoms. 

There are many other health benefits of exercise. Moreover, if you pick an activity you like the most, exercising can be fun too. It helps you to unwind and connect with friends. However, it is important to consult your doctor before you start any new form of exercise. 

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