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Auvri plus is reallyy awesome said she feels very lite and active...thank you so much sir
Maharasi Order No: Auvri0045 State: Tamilnadu
This about the auvri powder usage...After drinking it food craving has reduced and my body feels light Esp it cleans the system and gives an excellent appetite at the right time of the day Due to its blood purifying capabilities skin also starts feeling good and a glow can be seen Thanks for sharing this awesome medicine
Hello sir... Day 8 is today. Have seen an excellent result. Jus checked my weight lost 1.4kg. Earlier i was having indigestion problems, after taking the supplements my health is better and i feel energetic. Thank you sir. Way to go.. started drinking more water for better results. Should really thank u for the guidance. Yesterday i have handed over a bottle to my mother as well try Now i should definitely recommend this to my friends and near ones. Will keep you update. Many thanks sir.
Hema Samyu
Auvriplus, It's very good products like natural and awesome food supplement, and feel very light after take this awesome product, It make me feel very light. Act as an stress remover and addiction killer. Supports other organs also...Auvriplus is a magical product. One product is solution for complete body fitness..
Piyush Bhardwaj
It’s a Cool product with all natural traditional herbs. My intake is everyday 30mins after dinner where I feel happy, High self-esteem and positive feelings towards both physically and mentally due to body detoxified after using Auvri+. My Mom and Dad are feeling very lite after taking Auvri+ and my moms Obesity level became better. I recommend to everyone to use this product where you will feel the real difference In ur body function which will help you run a day in very lite minded. Live Happy Feel Healthy
Baalakumar Kaviarasu
Auvriplus Detox, an awesome food supplement made with an unique Bhrama Rishi Agastya formulation. It cleans liver, gall bladders, stomach, intestines, urinary track, kindness and also support heart, respiratory organs, spleen. Also purified blood and removes make me feel light. Act as an stress remover and addiction killer. Auvriplus is a magical product. One product is solution for complete body . Removes bad fluids from the body and skin started glowing
Amit Chandraker
I was recommended to take detox powder for my lukoderma skin patch by my friend Mr. Muthukumar , I didn't believe him, and said I will use it and let u know , yes now I see the difference in my skin colour thanks to Detox medicine.
Auvri+detox Product is really awesome. Feels light and energetic. Waking me up every morning at 5:30 , Before I use to woke up at 6:30 and have to take tea for freshing up.. But now it's easy and very lite in the morning.. Happy using auvir+ ..Thanks for the product